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How Can I Save My Cats and Garden?

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Hello Cat Lovers, Is there anyone who faced the problem before?

Actually recently I have been suffering a serious problem with my cats. I have two cats, one is male and another is female. The male cat's name is Boto and the female cat's name is Buno. Boto is one year old and Buno is also almost one year old. But the problem which is having, some outsider cats trying to fight my cats everyday and the Boto suffer so much.

2nd problem is I have a vast garden in front of my house and sometimes they spoil the saplings and plants. Also they use the garden as a toilet. So first time I used a spray, but its not a permanent solution. Could anyone please suggest some tricks that I can stay away them from my cats and garden? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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After not getting any response, I was searching on Google that how to solve the problem and found a amazing idea that may keep safe my cats and cleanliness my garden. This is cat deterrent plants. Yes this article explain the plants which will keep the cats away. I must plant these trees and see what happen.

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