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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?


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The truth is that cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day. Some of them stretch that toward 20 hours, especially older cats and kittens. Old age and the folly of youth, that’s understandable; they take their toll. Cats are crepuscular predators. Their prey is quick and elusive. Sneaking up and pouncing—repeatedly—is undoubtedly exhausting. Cats in the wild work hard in order to meet their dietary needs, and expending that kind of physical effort requires a lot of recharging .

About three-fourths of their sleep is a shallow, almost-waking rest called slow-wave sleep Cats doze in a kind of ready position, their senses of smell and hearing in the “on” mode. Ears occasionally twitch. Peaceful but poised, they are ready to react instantly: to pounce on prey or to swat and scratch the hell out of you for the temerity of petting them while they are sleeping. These famous catnaps usually last 15–30 minutes.

The other one-fourth of the time, cats really are out of it, sleeping deeply, If it looks like they are dreaming when their paws tremble, it is because they probably are dreaming. This deep sleep usually comes in five-minute increments that are broken up by dozing.



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