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How can I train my dog to have good manners around food and prevent counter surfing?


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To train your dog to have good manners around food and prevent counter surfing:

1. Establish boundaries: Teach the "Leave it" and "Off" commands.
2. Start with low-value treats on the floor and reward them for ignoring them.
3. Gradually increase difficulty with higher-value treats near countertops.
4. Use positive reinforcement to reward for ignoring food on counters.
5. Securely store food to prevent temptation and keep it out of reach.
6. Reinforce training regularly and redirect attention to appropriate toys or treats.
7. Use barriers like baby gates to limit access to areas with food.
8. Supervise meal times and provide a designated feeding area.
9. Calmly redirect if counter surfing occurs and reinforce desired behavior.
10. Be patient and consistent to help your dog develop good manners around food.

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