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What are some common signs of poor health in fish?

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Several signs may indicate poor health in fish. These include:

1. Abnormal swimming behavior, such as swimming erratically, floating at the water's surface, or staying at the bottom.
2. Loss of appetite or refusal to eat.
3. Changes in appearance, such as faded coloration, spots, lesions, or fin rot.
4. Gasping at the water surface, indicating oxygen deficiency.
5. Excessive mucus production, indicating stress or infection.
6. Rapid or labored breathing.
7. Erratic or exaggerated fin movements.
8. Lethargy or reduced activity levels.
9. Weight loss or emaciation.
10. Isolation from other fish or hiding in unusual places.

These signs may indicate various health issues, including poor water quality, infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, or environmental stressors. Prompt attention and proper diagnosis from a veterinarian or fish expert are crucial to address these problems effectively.

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