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Care of Beagle dogs


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images(1).jpeg.3a53d60d4efa9ad7b72f3a760823c71d.jpegBeagles are low-maintenance, happy and affectionate pets, making them wonderful for many different types of people. "Beagles' happy and affectionate nature makes them suitable for various owners, including active families, A garden with a very sturdy fence is absolutely essential in order to keep a Beagle safe and secure.


Problems beagles face. :

While these will differ depending on how a Beagle is cared for, some common health problems include obesity, epilepsy, allergies, cherry eye, and hypothyroidism. It's worth knowing, however, that these can all be treated and managed by local vet.

7 things about Beagles

They originate from the UK and were bred for hunting purposes

Beagles are fast learners, however may need a little help when being potty trained

They are little inspectors and will love to explore around your home 

Beagles are great at climbing and digging, so be careful if they are outside in your garden

They have lots and energy and love to play

Beagles have their own unique scent, which can mean they need washing more than other breeds

They are kind, playful, and verifiable cuddle bugs.




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