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Training of briard


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Briard is filled with positive attitudes. These breeds are loyal and compatible with all types of families. Yet, all dogs need to be trained to make a better companion in the house. We have to start training when they are 8 weeks old,we can start basic training command such as sir and stay,we have to take it slow while training our dog ,they can be trained either at home or at puppy training classes they may thrive more if trained by their loved ones, before the start of training session one has to be confident and consistent 


Training process

1.Positive Reinforcements

2.Leash Training 

3.Alpha Dog or Dominance

Training Strategies and Techniques

Give them their own space. Meaning, giving your Briard their own bed and space to play might help them to feel comfortable in their own territory.

Avoid punishment and harsh voice tones. It will simply lead to demotivation and stubbornness. Instead, use positive reinforcements.

Make a strong bond between you and your pet. Strengthening bond also helps maintain the relationship and in a training sessions as well.






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