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What are some effective strategies for potty training a new puppy?


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Here are some effective strategies for potty training a new puppy:

1. Set up a harmonious routine for feeding, playtime, and restroom breaks.
2. Designate a specific spot outside for them to exclude.
3. Use positive underpinning, similar to treats and praise, when they go to the restroom in the designated area.
4. Keep a close eye on your puppy dog and limit their freedom inside the house.
5. Learn to fete their signs and take them to the designated spot when they need to go.
6. Be patient, avoid discipline, and stay harmonious with the training.
7. Clean up accidents instantly and completely using applicable cleansers.
8. Acclimate their feeding schedule to regulate their restroom habits.

Flashback, restroom training takes time and thickness, so be patient and harmonious with the process.

Have you trained your puppy?

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